Encaustic and geometric (Minton style) ceramic tiled floor restoration. Including repairs or replacement of the substrate, supply of replacement tiles, fixing of original and new tiles, cleaning and sealing.

Supply of geometric tiles to suit your application. Supplied cut to your required size and in any quantity. A range of standard colours with special colours matched to suit originals made to order.

Supply of encaustic tiles manufactured to match the original in all respects. Including initial survey work and installation as required.

The repair of encaustic tiles in-situ using cold cure colours and resins.

Wall tile restoration including all repairs, supply of matching replacements, re-fixing and cleaning.

The repair of wall tiles in-situ using cold cure colours and resins.

Surveying of ceramic tiling schemes, together with advice on conservation and restoration actions.

Advice on all aspects of restoring tiling schemes.

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