Historic Buildings

St George’s Hall, Liverpool has the world’s best example of an encaustic tiled floor. Areas near the doorways have become so badly worn that the original pattern is almost indistinguishable. This new panel was installed that exactly matched the original.
The Capitol Building, Washington has some of the most wonderful Minton encaustic tiled panels throughout the hallways. Due to the heavy foot traffic over the years many of the panels need replacing. The photos show an original panel and three replacements being dry laid prior to shipment.
Lewis’s building, Liverpool has one of the largest murals produced by Carter’s of Poole. Measuring 65 feet long and 10 feet high, the mural was restored ready for the building’s conversion to a hotel.
The steeple of this Church in Lincolnshire fell through the roof badly damaging the altar geometric and encaustic tiled floor, as a result of an earthquake. The complete floor was careful taken up, saving as many of the original tiles as possible, the substrate replaced and the tiles re-laid.

The encaustic tiled ceiling at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, New York is a unique example of the use of these tiles. Due to corrosion of the metal fixings the whole ceiling had to be restored complete with some new replacement tiles.

The Guille Alles Library in Guernsey has a beautiful Minton encaustic and geometric tiled floor. Over the years the main entrance has been altered many times with various fixtures and fittings damaging the tiled floor. The floor was restored over five weeks with minimum loss to the original tiles and without the library closing.
The 10 Bells public house is famous for its association with jack the Ripper. The pub is tiled floor to ceiling with picturesque panels, however, they had suffered from water damage and had started to fall off the wall. The tiles were carefully removed, repaired, cleaned and reinstated.
At this school in London, the tiles were repaired in-situ to preserve as much of the original fabric as possible.

Cracks in either mosaic or geometric tiled floors can be repaired by the careful re-positioning and replacement of tiles. This entrance porch in Cheshire was restored with minimal impact on the majority of the tiles.

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